Bari KumarBari Kumar

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Born in Andhra Pradesh in 1966, Bari Kumar studied at the Rishi Valley School founded by philosopher J. Krishnamurti. In his teens, he moved to L.A. to study graphic design at Otis/Parsons Scool of Design, graduating in 1988. Like numerous Asian artists living in the United States, Bari Kumar`s work is a reflection of his bicultural experiences. This affinity to two diverse cultures continues to influence and inform his work. It is especially evident in his old-masterish paintings that are reminiscent of the European Renaissance, but include allusions to Hindu religious beliefs and iconography. Kumar often uses texts in English, Spanish and Indian languages to introduce a political element in his work. Poster-like in their design, with bold colors and grisly images, his paintings depict the struggle between traditional religious imagery and contemporary digital culture.