Kishor ShindeKishor Shinde

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An artist can find inspiration to paint in almost anything, sometimes he simplifies the world around him, and at times he finds the complexities in things around him motivating. It is his eternal quest to find a visual language that expresses his thoughts, his feelings. Kishore Shinde is on a quest to find a visual language that reverberates with an energy that signifies the ethereal. As the artist states, "While standing in front of the white canvas space, the inner eye opens. As my body responds, abstract versions of rhythm, builds visual syllables and symbols. This in turn renders meanings in nonfigurative modes. Myriad colors fill the spaces. I am painting in a cathartic fervor." 

Shinde's canvases are is playground of free spirited application of paint laden with an emotive context. Though seemingly unplanned the artist is conscious and specific of the colors he chooses to let loose in his works, "The paint packed in the factory is detached – away from human emotions. But, while becoming a painting it goes through a process of attachment, taking life from the artist to live its own." The heavily textured and layered canvases are structured to a visual trajectory which speaks a language of non figurative symbols. Which is born at the in the eternal moment of inertia and mobility.