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In each of Rajendran’s works of art, the artist makes a ‘conscious decision’ to raise awareness about the ‘sad state of affairs’ around him. His sculptures amalgamate various fundamental forms such as animals, objects and humans, resulting in hybrid species that break downs all preconceived notions one may have while categorizing anything into a ‘type’. His use of industrial materials such as ceramic tiles, steel, iron and other unbending resources also breaks barriers by transforming tough, primal materials into the organic forms that make up his installations.

“I always wanted to move away from the normal representation of living animals. In my imagery I wanted to cross the boundaries of normal representations. By boundaries I also mean geographical boundaries. A person living in India or in Lebanon identifies with them. They have something or some feelings to share in common. So I wanted my works to be located in that common space sans boundaries. When I use the image of a dog it’s not just about a dog or the feeling of a dog. It is an image that transgresses that physical shape of a dog. It can be seen as a metaphor. And I want the thought process it generates to go beyond limitations” (as quoted in Manoj Nair, “Exploitation makes me feel sad…”,

Born in 1972 in Trivandrum, Kerala, Sumedh Rajendran completed his Bachelor’s degree in Sculpture from the College of Fine Arts there in 1994, and obtained his Master’s degree from the Delhi College of Art in 1999. He has several exhibitions to his credit. His solo shows include 'Chemical Smuggle’ at Grosvenor Vadehra, London, in 2008; ‘Final Call’ at Anant Art Centre, New Delhi, in 2008; ‘Street fuel Blackout’ at Sakshi Gallery, Mumbai, in 2006; and ‘Pseudo-Homelands’ at Rohtas Art Gallery, Lahore, in 2005. Amongst his most recent group endeavors are 'Urban Spiel: A Study of Sculpture and Material' at Bodhi Art, Berlin; 'The Sun Rises In The East: Contemporary Art From India' at Galerie Christian Hosp, Austria; 'Everywhere Is War (And Rumors of War)' at Bodhi Art, Mumbai; 'Indi Genius' presented by Sakshi Gallery and Soka Contemporary Space, Taipei, at Sakshi Gallery, Mumbai; 'Link' at Sakshi Art Gallery, Mumbai; ‘Shifting Terrains/Altered Realities’ at the Shrine Gallery, New Delhi; all in 2008; ‘Maarkers’ at Bodhi Art, Mumbai, in 2006; ‘Paper Flute’ at Gallery Espace, New Delhi, in 2006; and ‘Are We Like This Only’ at Vadehra Art Gallery, New Delhi, in 2005.

Rajendran has also participated in various residencies across South Asia including Khoj, New Delhi, and the Teertha International Artist Residency, Colombo, Sri Lanka.


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