Suryakant LokhandeSuryakant Lokhande

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"For me a photograph is not an instrument to record a physical phenomenon in the outer realm or to realize a certain aesthetic value, but a tool that is used to look into myself. My work consists of liberating the subjects from the properties they have in the world of reality. It means that these subjects are given at the same time new characteristics that they did not previously have in the real world. Articles that I frequently use are:faded family portraits, self-portraits, metal objects, metal panels, automobile paints, old books, text, toys and cartoons from my daughter’s collection. 

Instead of using the images from various sources in themselves, I prefer to repaint them in an instinctive order.This kind of transformation is very essential in my work. In general, it denotes the physical phenomena in each individual’s world, but in my case, it does not remain only in the present, because I accept as reality all memories of the past that are currently non-existent, as well as the phenomena of dreams and fantasy. 

It is most definitely an arduous task to relate the phenomenon of mind through images. If photography has been chosen as the medium despite that fact, the task must be accomplished through some other special method. In my case, it consists in first discarding the conventional notion of photography. In order to obtain answers to the question of who I am, I must first dissect myself to find the true essence that does not change with time. 

I think that there are infinite possibilities in three-dimensional expressions that are beyond the two-dimensional,movements that transcend stillness, a medium of sound and light or a combination of these elements. I strongly believe that humans must be free, and even now, freedom signifies the ultimate value that I pursue."