To evaluate a fair market value of an artwork for its clients, Crayon Capital provides valuation of artworks of Indian Artists by verifying the quality and condition of the artwork.  The valuation process involves parameters like:

  • Historical significance of the artwork
  • Rarity of the artwork
  • Physical condition of the artwork
  • Restoration facts of artwork
  • Comparison of prices of other artworks of the artist
  • Auction history of the artist
  • Provenance/Exhibition history of the artwork
  • Year of artwork (Certain periods of an artist's output typically trade at a premium to other periods)
  • Verifying documents like, sale receipts, transfer of ownership etc.
  • Demand for similar artwork of the artist in the market

Upon satisfactory completion of the above criterions, Crayon Capital issues a Valuation Certificate confirming the estimated market value of the artwork.